About ME

Exceedingly creative, vibrant, and driven Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I strive for originality and innovation within my well-crafted work. My portfolio reflects my strength as an Artist and Designer and my passion is evident in my portfolio. Combining my Illustration and Graphic Design skills produces distinguishable pieces.
My work has been displayed in around twelve galleries. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from my freelance work as well as during my time at an advertising agency and interior design and wallpaper company. I have experience with print design, web design, as well as product design. My Illustration abilities set me apart from other designers and allow me to save companies money, whereas they may otherwise need to seek licensors or stock imagery for their product or project. Through my time at York Wallcoverings, not only have I utilized all of my design skills, but I have acquired a knowledge of Interior Design.
I graduated Summa Cum Laude from York College of Pennsylvania. I have been featured on Behance’s curated Illustration Gallery, as well as on their AIGA Member Gallery, on which, less than 1% of users are selected to be featured by curators. I put my all into my work and am extremely detail oriented.
I am inspired by the idea of being a part of a team with like-minded Creatives who have a penchant for typography and an intuitive appreciation for exceptional design. The ability to bounce ideas off of these fellow Creatives, energizes me and feeds my artistic ideas. I am exuberant and enthusiastic and have a great sense of humor and outlook on life. My shining personality will bring high energy to any collaborative work environment. After all, I was the Sun for Halloween.