Custom Tarot Themed Wedding Invite


Illustration | Print design

The Lovers Tarot Wedding Invitation comes with a custom hand illustrated front and a customizable back, which would include the RSVP & website information. The listing price is $500 (excluding tax, shipping fees, and any cost of printing or supplies). The original 7.5” x 13.5” illustration is hand drawn on high quality smooth white 11” x 17” card stock with pen and ink. A digital file is also included to allow you to print invitations as you so choose. For an authentic tarot card look and feel, I recommend printing with If a more traditional printed invitation is desired, I would be happy to assist recommending a great printing resource, such as one of my favorites, Please note, that I require a year in advance notice to book your listing. Contact me for more information or to book your slot!


Design Process



Reach out

Typically, I need 6 months to a year notice to create a custom tarot card invitation. If a time slot is available, I will work with you to create an appropriate timeline for the project.



Purchase Your Etsy Listing

Before any work proceeds, I require payment in full. I will create a custom listing for you that will include contractual information as well as a tentative outlined timeline.



Provide Reference Pictures

To create your custom tarot card invitation, I use various reference photos of you and your significant other. In addition to these photos, I require images of what you would like to be wearing, etc. Other important information should also be given at this time, such as any symbolism you would like included and your exact wedding date. (I will send you a google doc with questions to answer.)



Receive your Sketch

About 3-4 weeks after I receive your reference images, I will provide your initial pencil sketch for your approval. At this time, any changes that you would like to be made should be communicated.



 Inking begins

Once the sketch is approved, the inking process starts, which is the longest and most tedious part of the overall design. At this point, changes can’t be made since the ink is permanent. This can take 4-6 weeks for completion.


Design Back of Card

After the inking process is completed I will use verbiage and information that you provide for the back of the card. I will provide 2 design concepts of the back of the card for you to choose from and approve.



Files Provided

Once both the front and the back of the card are complete, I will send digital files for you to print the cards as you would like. I recommend for traditional tarot cards and for larger scale wedding invites. I would be happy to create accounts and upload files to the chosen website for you to purchase from your cart.


Original Illustration Shipped

The original artwork will be shipped to you after the digital files are in your virtual hands.